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Phone Consultation | Computer Repair & Tech Repair

Computer Repair Price Estimates:
- Hardware Cleaning/Diagnostic : $20 / $40 / $60 based on requested service
- Hardware/Software Repair : $60/hr

Prices are subject to change based on service requested, and level of repair. Price will be agreed upon during phone call. You must be 18 or older in order to schedule an appointment.

We require a $20 non-refundable Diagnosis fee and a signed Service Agreement due after scheduling your first appointment. This fee will be applied as a deposit on the total cost of the repair after the repair is complete. During your initial phone call, we will collect your email where we will send an invoice for the fee along with the Service Agreement. Our Service Agreement can be viewed here:

Our computer repair service is FAST and RELIABLE!

If you're experiencing issues regarding your PC or Laptop, schedule a call with our technicians to diagnose the issue. During this phone call, we will schedule a time to drop off your computer. Computers are repaired in a first come first serve basis. We will do our best to give you an estimate for when your computer will be finished.

We ONLY do computer repair, we do NOT do console repairs as of right now.